Audiograph Web Console

    The simplest clips on the internet

  • Create an episode clip as easily as highlighting the text of your transcript.
  • Receive a free automatically generated transcript for every episode.
  • Publish your clips as audio, text, or video at the push of a button.
  • Coming soon Customize the branding of your clip with cover art.

Try Audiograph Clips

We keep saying that Audiograph is trying to make creating clips really easy, but what does that actually mean? Well there's no better way to understand for yourself than to try it. So give it a shot. You can highlight the text in this paragraph and press the play button to experience how Audiograph clip creation works firsthand. Simply put, the player will speak whatever words you choose to highlight. And that's it. I hope you enjoy.

Quinn Stearns – Audiograph Co-Founder

Clipping metrics card

    Their clips get Twitter views. Our clips get episode listens.

  • Seamless calls to action on Twitter, Instagram, and all of your other favorite social media channels.
  • Precisely measure how many listeners continued to the full episode or subscribed.
  • Let your listeners get a taste of your content by reading so they can back to listen later.

Clipping UI

    Enrich your listener interactions

  • Enable your listeners to create their own clips of their favorite moments in the Audiograph iOS app.
  • Enrich your transcripts by embedding the content your listeners care about.