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Audiograph was born out of a personal problem: too many timestamp screenshots in our camera roll and too many random misquotes of podcast phrases in our notes app.

Podcasts contain a wealth of knowledge, humor, and inspiration, but audio as a medium makes it challenging to save a simple note or share a clip with a friend... without them having to listen to a 45 minute episode.

We couldn’t find a podcast player with a painless clipping experience and a great design –– one that could help us save time and share the best of what we had discovered with our friends.

Audiograph is the first podcast app that lets you read and annotate podcast transcripts. When you listen to an episode, we use AI to generate a transcript in only a few minutes. Using the transcript you’re able to skim an episode to evaluate if it’s worth your time and you can also save and share clips of interesting moments.

In order to focus on product quality and an exceptional user experience, we’re building a small community of podcast super fans. If you listen to multiple podcasts a day or if you are simply loyal to one show, leave an email in our guestbook, and we’ll send you a TestFlight link as soon as a slot opens up.

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