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Cole Schafer: Chasing Perfection in Copywriting, Poetry, and Everything In Between
Popular copywriter, blogger, and poet Cole Schafer joins us to explain the art and science of running his creative writing shop, Honey Copy. We also discuss growing cities like Nashville, monetizing newsletters, paid communities, using words to sell like hell, and the pursuit of greatness.
1 day ago
Dr. Richard Schatz: Co-Inventor of The Coronary Stent - Saving 100 Million Lives & Being a Lifelong Inventor
The Coronary Stent is responsible for extending over 100 million lives. In this episode Dr. Richard Schatz, co-inventor of this world-changing technology, joins us to give advice for patenting your ideas, generating new inventions, heart health, and longevity.
9 days ago
Colton Sakamoto: Co-Founder of Pomp Crypto Jobs - Building Tools For The Crypto Workforce
Colton Sakamoto joins us to talk about the founding story of Pomp Crypto Jobs, the state of crypto and Bitcoin, the role Anthony Pompliano has played in Colton's career, and Colton's long-term crypto outlook.
15 days ago
Polina Marinova Pompliano: Founder of The Profile - Studying The World's Smartest People
Polina Marinova Pompliano joins us to share how she made a full-time career out of writing her premium newsletter, The Profile. Every week, Polina teaches her readers important life lessons through stories of the world's most successful people. Popular pieces include Charlie Munger, The Rock, and Nick Saban. We also discuss her angel investments, advice for couples, and the future of long-form content creation.
23 days ago
Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon: Life and Business Lessons From Australian Technology, Real Estate, and Education Entrepreneurs
Don't miss this energetic discussion concerning volunteering in Nepal, raising $400k on Kickstarter as a mass-market consumer electronics brand, launching an online education startup for lifelong learning, and embodying the not-so-secret secret to creating more opportunities for yourself. Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon are the Australian entrepreneurs behind companies like Espresso displays, Doohat labs, the Constant Student Community, Sydney Listings, and the upcoming book, 18 & Lost. Enjoy our first-ever 4-man interview!
29 days ago
Lisa Song Sutton: Serial Entrepreneur and Former Miss Nevada on Creative Dealmaking, Buying Knowledge, and Political Responsibility
Lisa Song Sutton joins us to explain why she paid $10,000 to follow someone for two weeks. We also discuss how she launched instantly profitable pack-and-ship stores, the Las Vegas Real Estate market, the benefits of being Miss Nevada and a content creator, and how she manages her cupcake store and e-commerce company. Other topics include why she ran for congress, how she makes decisions, why she went to law school, and her daily habits and routines.
1 month ago
Steph Smith: Indiehacker, Author, and Head of - Doing Life & Content Right
Steph Smith joins us for a wide-ranging conversation that covers her book, relationships, mindset training, lifestyle design, life's seasonality, and a segment where we riff on new business ideas including parking deck conversions and healthy remote work gadgets.
1 month ago
Akaash Pardesi (Akaash Aesthetics): Entrepreneur, Coach and Bodybuilder - Mastering Reality with Positive Mental Frameworks
Akaash Pardesi joins us to share his frameworks for mastering your reality, how to live in an empowered state, cooking and eating whole foods, boosting testosterone, and detaching from the desires of your younger self.
1 month ago
AJ Osborne: Founder & CEO of Cedar Creek Wealth - Building a $150 Million Self-Storage Portfolio
AJ Osborne joins us to discuss his self-storage real estate business, measuring the right metrics, finding good deals, why we should "move micro" and "understand" the macro economy, and his advice for young entrepreneurs.
1 month ago
Mona El Isa: Founder of Enzyme Finance - From Goldman Sachs to On Chain Asset Management ($MLN)
Mona El Isa joins us to discuss her on chain asset management decentralized finance protocol, Enzyme Finance. Enzyme enables anybody to launch their own investment vault. In our conversation, we cover the basics of DeFi vs Traditional Finance, the mission of Enzyme, the benefits of absolute transparency, the inception of the industry, and the tokenomics of $MLN. Enjoy!
2 months ago
Heather Monahan: Bestselling Author of Confidence Creator - Developing Confidence Through Authenticity
Heather Monahan joins us to discuss how she transitioned from being fired from the C-Suite to becoming a highly sought-after keynote speaker and best-selling author. We discuss strategies for increasing self-confidence, long-term personal branding strategies, and how to get what you want in business.
2 months ago
DeFi Andy: Navigating the Wild West of Decentralized Finance
Andy, the 21-year old co-founder of DeFi Slate, joins us to discuss today's big opportunities in DeFi, downside risks to plan for, how he is positioning himself to benefit from coming the crypto-led future, and the implications of Eth 2.0 scaling. DeFi Slate is a media company covering all things decentralized finance.
2 months ago
Khe Hy: Following the Fun from Wall Street to Self Actualization & Crushing the Scarcity Mindset
Khe Hy from RadReads joins us to discuss breaking the scarcity mindset, mastering your inner voice, accumulating personal leverage, and following the fun. After 15 years on Wall Street, Khe quit the corporate world to help others deeply improve their productivity and, as a result, their lives. Khe is a coach, instructor, and writer with 20,000 weekly readers.
2 months ago
Louis and Kyle: Building in Public - Tactical Lessons from 1 Year of Podcasting
We interview each other about our first year of podcasting. We get into the nitty-gritty of the tactics we have learned for conducting good interviews, staying consistent, managing co-founder relationships, and avoiding quitting. We also document some of the best changes that have improved the show in the past and brainstorm ideas to make the show better in the future.
3 months ago
Jake: The Future of City-Building, Longevity, and Crypto - Anonymity and Media Optimism
Jake, an anonymous writer, joins us to discuss the future of crypto, longevity, and city-building. We also discuss the importance of media optimism and why Jake keeps his identity private.
3 months ago
Dr. John Jaquish: Is Weight Lifting a Waste of Time? Q&A with the Inventor of the X3 and Osteostrong
Dr. John Jaquish is the author of Weightlifting Is a Waste of Time and inventor of OsteoStrong, Fortagen, and the X3 Training system. In this interview, Dr. Jaquish shares fitness and nutrition advice based on his research and inventions and explains how to organize training around the endocrine system. Dr. Jaquish is not afraid to express strong opinions or challenge convention. In this conversation, we explore his most controversial arguments and the merits behind them.
3 months ago
Scott Young: Author of Ultralearning and Co-Creator of Life of Focus - Distilled Wisdom on Motivation, Education, and Productivity
Scott Young, author of Ultralearning, joins us to discuss the best ideas from his decade of writing and teaching about productivity, learning, motivation, philosophy, and success. Scott is also the Co-Creator of Life of Focus, a 3-month course he teaches with Cal Newport.
3 months ago
Nicolas Cole: Entrepreneurship for Writers and Becoming World Class At Any Skill
Nicolas Cole joins us to discuss The Art and Business of Online Writing, his personal journey as an entrepreneurial writer, how to become a top performer in any skill, how to manage obsession, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future with both Ship30for30 and his own writing projects.
4 months ago
Robbie Crabtree: Founder of The On Deck Performative Speaking Fellowship - The Art of Storytelling and Becoming a Thought Leader In 6 Months
Robbie Crabtree shares the most important skills for performative speaking learned from his career as a trial lawyer. This includes detailed breakdowns of storytelling, emotional communication, and active listening. We also discuss his successful founder journey. Within 6 months of writing online, Robbie launched a popular online course on performative speaking which is now a part of the On Deck learning community.
4 months ago
Tal Gur: 100 Goals in 10 Years - The Story of a Life Fully Lived
Tal Gur shares his accumulated wisdom from achieving 100 Life Goals in 10 Years. Tal is the founder of Elevate Society and the author of The Art of Fully Living. We discuss the nuances of achievement, emotions, purpose, and many of life's big questions.
4 months ago